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  • Liubov Salagaeva

  • Illustrator for more then 16 years.

  • Stylist / Fashion & Jewellery Designer, since 2018.

  • Photographer & Photo-artist, since 2013.

  • Current location: Moscow (Russian Federation).

  • Place of birth: Moldova, Chisinau (1989).

Превед, Медвед! По-русски н-нада?

Funny thing, I stopped in Russia on my way from Singapore to Moldova. But I couldn’t fly further because Russian-Ukrainian conflict blowed up and flights to Moldova were suspended. So… this is how I settled down in Moscow!

Liubov Salagaeva

2022 – Today, Moscow…

To be honest, despite the world is shattering progressively, I am quite thrilled and inspired to start a new chapter. But since fulfilling new goals may take a few years, I am reopening for freelance projects (worldwide) and quirky opportunities~

  • Hire me for:

  • Fashion / Jewellery collection developing.

  • Product photography and retouch.

  • Overall, art project manager.

2018 – 2021, Singapore.

In 2018 I moved to Singapore with a great plan to stay there forever. I got rid of all the stuff I had, took some art supplies and my 2 years young cat 🙂 It was the most difficult adventure among all I had…

  • Joined «CCMonstersArt» as a Contemporary Jewellery artist.

  • Graduated from Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (NAFA, Singapore) with Diploma in Fashion Design (Dean’s List Award 2018; Best Studentship Award).

  • Got experience in retail (shoes and jewellery stores) and as a shoe designer (15 weeks internship, Singapore).

2017 – 2018, Moldova.

I had a plan to move forward and got extra education in nail-art, but for a shameful reason, in 2017 I had to leave Russia and my plans to settle in Saint Petersburg for a beautician career were destroyed. I was depressed and confused, so, I enrolled to a local dancing school to stay sane after another pack of plans got shattered in dust~ But still, I passed some local courses of nail-art and kept practicing.

  • Accomplished education in Universal Express Pattern-Drafting Methods (УНИМЕКС), tailoring.

  • Participated in 3 latin dancing shows.

  • Quit job as an artist-designer at «MAKLER» LTD (11 years exp.)

  • Passed the full course of styling at «IDEA-CLASS» school of image and style of Olga Menshikova.

  • Changed my surname: from father’s to my grand-mother’s 🙂

  • Quit Russian Language course at «Slavic University of Republic of Moldova». I actually enjoyed it, but had some reasons…

  • Teamed up with group-mates and won a “Year 1 Student» contest: participated in a skit and a dance; made an awesome poster.

2014 – 2016, Russian Federation.

In 2014 I moved to Moscow, but got completely disappointed with school and went for a photo-trip to Iceland instead of the diploma project. My mom didn’t allow me to stay and work in Moscow, so, later in 2015, I moved to Saint Petersburg to live at my aunt’s and became a beautician.

  • Graduated from «НЕРА» (Saint Petersburg) as a high-class beautician (though, I mostly specialised in massages and eco-beauty).

  • Graduated from Roman Rybalyov’s School of Photography (Moldova), full course of photography and one level in videography.

  • Won at «Internet Short Film Festival» with a movie short «Once upon a night».

2012 – 2013, Moldova.

After a long time spent far from society, I decided to stop freelancing and have some fun… I joined Japanese classes and started exploring new medias of art (video and photo), so, I took hairstyling as an additional expertise to work with models. Actually, there was a plan to become a hairstylist ‘cause my absolutely genius hair-master liked my skill, but I got tired of his attitude and left, later in 2014.

  • Graduated as a universal hair stylist, «ArtStil» school (Moldova).

  • Showcased my first short movie «Once upon a night» at the local cinema (Moldova) during Autumn Movie Festival.

  • Took 2nd place in International Japanese Video Contest with a short animation.

  • Volunteered during «Bunkasai» Japanese Festival in Moldova: teamed up with a group to organise the festival; lead a lesson of Japanese language; lead henna-tattoo shop; danced a traditional «Soran Bushi» dance.

  • Visited more then 20 countries.

2004 – 2012, Moldova.

In 2004 I suddenly realised that instead of staring at rare beautiful pictures (we had no Pinterest or Instagram that time!) in the magazine, I can learn and draw same beautiful pictures! That is how my journey as a CG Artist started…

  • Quit tapestry course at «Academy of Music, Theatre and Fine Art» (Moldova), cause teachers were skipping classes, come on… :C

  • 300+ fully rendered illustrations in portfolio.

  • The «Temptation» illustration was featured in «The Most Beautiful CG Girls» magazine.

  • The «It’s gonna cold outside» illustration featured as an image of the day, CG Society.

  • Got several monthly awards at (Russian analog of CG Society).

I sincerely love studies and haven’t mentioned a lot of stuff I learnt, but still going to share some artworks in 3D or body-art, and etc. I also hope to focus more on my gallery and some extra projects, but really… as soon as I decide to stop studies, I find myself buying an online course or researching on some crafts at YouTube xD So… cross your fingers!

Liubov Salagaeva